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Birthday Wish - Part IV
Part IV: Astonishing Acceptance
Fred stayed in his room for quite a while before, while contemplating his fate, Ms. Eyre came and told him that it was his turn to speak with the Davisons. The blond boy gave a nervous sigh as he got up from his bunk bed. His roommate, Jason, shouted a good luck after him as he followed Ms. Eyre out of the room. Fred stared down at the ground as he and the woman headed down the hall.
Ms. Eyre, being around children so often and having known Fred for so long, could tell that something was wrong with the six year old. "You feeling alright, dear?"
Well, his heart was beating loudly in chest, there was a lump in his throat that he couldn't seem to swallow, and he felt like he was going to throw up. Plus, now that he thought about it, his hands were kind of sweaty too. "…yeah," he lied, wiping his hands on his shorts.
Once they were at the door, she didn't open it for him; instead, she kneeled down so she was eye to eye with Fred. "Now, Fred, don't be ne
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Birthday Wish - Part III
Part III: The Hopeful Orphan
The Eyre Orphanage sat across the street from one of the town's parks, one of the more deserted ones on any normal day. But today, it was not deserted, instead it was occupied by two young boys; one was only six while the other was eight.
The eight year old was the more talkative of the two, his mouth always open and jabbering on and on about something or another, otherwise he gave a smirk as his companion said a sentence, maybe two, in response. He had dark red hair that seemed to stick out in odd directions, as though he didn't even try to brush it, along with thin, sea green eyes.
The younger boy was extremely quiet, anyone could tell by watching the two during their exchange; while the redheaded child talked almost incessantly, his friend simply kept his mouth closed, nodding occasionally and only speaking when it seemed as though the other boy wanted him to. And, oddly enough, it seemed as though he was actually…interested, even though half
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Birthday Wish - Part II
Part II: Obstinate Opinions
Unfortunately for Charlie, convincing his parents was not as simple as he had hoped. His parents were incredibly stern; ignoring any good reason their son came up with. It was odd for his parents to be so stubborn about one of his requests, especially when they wouldn't give a reason why they were so against it. And after a week had passed and his parents' resolve hadn't crumbled at all, Charlie began to feel as though he might as well give up...
Fortunately, he wasn't able to; he was just as, if not more, stubborn than his parents.
This was why he had been sent to bed early and was lying on his back with a pout on his face and his arms folded stiffly. The Davisons had claimed that Charlie seemed exceptionally grumpy and thought it was about time for him to go to bed. Needless to say, the boy wasn't pleased.
The light from the hallway disappeared for a moment as his mom walked in. She sat on the side of his bed and smiled down at him. "Ready for bed?"
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Birthday Wish - Part I
Part I: The Innocent Suggestion
"So, Charlie, honey." The five year old looked up from his coloring book at his mother, who was drying off her hands after washing the dishes. She smiled at her son as she sat down across from him, placing her elbows on the table with her hands holding up his chin. "Your birthday's coming up, you know."
Charlie gave a toothy grin. "Yep. I'll be six! And Daddy says that's old 'nuff to help 'im fix stuff." His smile grew. "He'll let me hold the toolbox!"
His mother laughed at how much this small task pleased him. "Well, do you know what else you'll want?"
Charlie frowned in thought before he looked back down at his book and began to color one of the dinosaurs the dark, forest green. "Um…not yet."
The woman stood up and reminded him, "When you do, make sure to tell us. I'll be outside, okay?"
"Uh-huh." Charlie continued coloring but suddenly stopped, thinking for a moment, before closing the book and rushing after his mother. "Mom, where's Dad?"
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25 Days of Insanity: Day Twenty-Five
Day Twenty-Five: That Christmas Feeling
At long last to everyone that dwelled in the town of Brussels, Christmas morning had finally arrived. It was a time of good cheer within the town; there was much less traffic throughout the town, since many adults had the day off, and most were either still at home in bed or were gathered around their Christmas trees, giving and receiving presents from those they loved.
The Baker house was no exception to this. The kids woke up early (though the two Davison boys had to be woken up by the others) and, after quickly making bowls of cereal, went to sit in the playroom where the Christmas tree was standing. Charlie and Kaycee wasted no time in inspecting the presents while they waited for Kaycee and Natalie's father to wake up; they would pick up whatever boxes were addressed to them and examine and shake them to try to figure out what could be inside.
They were stuck doing this for a whole hour before Mr. Baker finally came out and they all opened t
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25 Days of Insanity: Day Twenty-Four
Day Twenty-Four: Family
Christmas Eve: a night of excitement, a time for family, and most importantly, as any kid would know…a time for presents!
…er, a time of giving.
In the Baker house, each of the kids, including their guests, had opened a single present (a Christmas custom the family had). After everyone had opened a gift, Natalie and Kaycee's father retired back to his room, leaving the kids in the family room.
Charlie and Fred were sitting on the floor next to the Christmas tree, where several presents were tucked below the pine's lowest branches. It was embellished with bright, multi-colored lights and had their friends' family ornaments scattered here and there. And on the very top, seeming to sparkle from the reflections of ceiling lights, was the star. Kaycee was sitting on the nearby couch, smiling at the box in her hands, while Natalie placed a skinny book back on the bookshelf.
"I'm so glad I got the sewing machine," the eight year old sung, hugging the b
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25 Days of Insanity: Day Twenty-Three
Day Twenty-Three: Cupid's Little Helper
"So, remind me again, why did we come to the zoo?" Natalie questioned the rest of the group as she handed the money through to the lady on the other side of the glass.
"Because Kaycee was bored and your dad wanted to clean the house," Charlie answered with a shrug. Fred was beside him, looking around curiously with his hands stuffed in his jacket's pockets. He couldn't help but notice how most of the people that were going in the public place were either parents taking their kids…or a couple of some sort. He found the latter a bit odd; how in the world was staring at animals through bars romantic in any way whatsoever?
Kaycee folded her arms, pouting a bit. "But I wanted to go to Somewhere Awesome. They have blow-up slides, basketball courts, and a merry-go-round…they even have laser tag!" The eight year old recommended that they go there for a few reasons: it wasn't too far away, it was relatively cheap and empty during the week, and t
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25 Days of Insanity: Day Twenty-Two
Day Twenty-Two: Sneakiness
Natalie began to pull her coat on as she said, "I'll be back in an hour or so; I told Maara that I'd have lunch with her today." She zipped the article up before frowning at the two boys and pointing a finger at them. "Make sure Kaycee has something to eat, okay?"
Fred rolled his eyes as he leaned against the buffet beside him. "C'mon, Nat we're not irresponsible…" When the girl gave him a skeptical look he shrugged, correcting himself, "Okay, not completely irresponsible. We'll make Kaycee some lunch, I swear."
Natalie gave them a stern look for a while longer, almost as though she was telling them that they better be that responsible or else. However, after a moment, her harsh expression faded into a warm smile. "Okay, I'll be back in an hour. See ya, guys," she shouted pleasantly before going out the door to the cold.
After a few seconds, Fred looked over at his brother. "So, what d'you think we should do?"
Charlie grinned sneakily. "Well, I do
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25 Days of Insanity: Day Twenty-One
Day Twenty-One: Misconceptions
"Charlie, are you—are you sure it's a good idea to leave them alone?" Natalie glanced over her shoulder toward the living room before looking back down at the soapy dish in her hands and continuing to scrub it. "I mean, I know they don't actually know each other yet. But whenever Cassie sees or hears about Stefan, it feels like, I dunno, there's just a weird aura." She set the dish in the other part of sink and picked up a bowl to clean as well.
She and Charlie had both invited their friends over today—without telling one another—and before they even had the chance to hang out, Mr. Baker came in and reminded the two that someone needed to do the dishes. So, the two were shooed into the kitchen while Stefan and Cassie were forced to wait in the other room.
Charlie began rinsing off the dishes his friend set in his half of the sink but looked back at her curiously. "An aura? What's that?"
"Well, it's a…a feeling that sometimes lin
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25 Days of Insanity: Day Twenty
Day Twenty: Hello, Fredrick
Fred didn't think he could be so unlucky…really.
Maybe it would be easier if we start this from the beginning. It had been a normal day for him up until one, or at least as normal as it could get hanging out with someone like Xander; the redhead had decided that today was excellent day to go and retrieve ice cream at their favorite parlor, ignoring the fact it was only eleven o'clock and far too early for that kind of snack. The two had been there for an hour or so before Xander realized that he had to go get ready for work and left his friend to ride his skateboard all the way back to Natalie's house (which was quite a ways out, they lived just outside of Brussels).
Though Fred wasn't going to complain about it, it was nice to be by himself and allow his thoughts to simply wander. It started with how strange Xander was…then it switched to their equally strange favorite flavor of ice cream. And then the ice cream reminded him of Kate…an
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25 Days of Insanity: Day Nineteen
Day Nineteen: The Good, the Bad, and the Yaoi
"You did make sure to ask Nat if we can use the computer, right?" Fred wondered as he watched his brother open an Internet Explorer window.
"No," Charlie admitted, glancing up at the blond, "but do you really think she'll care?"
Fred shrugged. "Hm, good point. It's loaded all the way."
"Right." He turned around and raised his hands to the keyboard before looking back at Fred again. "Wait, what're we looking up again?"
Fred gave his brother a tedious look as the door opened behind him. "Um, why're you guys in my room?" Natalie asked as she came in, she didn't sound angry, just confused.
Fred turned around, grinning. "Why does it matter? You got somethin' to hide?"
The girl raised her eyebrows at her friend's tone. "Okay, you need to stop hanging out with Xander so much; you're starting to sound like him. And it's hard enough to deal with just one of him."
"We're gonna look for somethin' I found on the Internet the other day," Charlie explain
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25 Days of Insanity: Day Eighteen
Day Eighteen: Reunion
It was now Friday and all three teens were incredibly cheerful, after all, today was the last day of school until the second week of January; what high school student wouldn't be remotely excited about that? Of course this morning, after being dropped off by Mr. Baker, Natalie couldn't dwell on the wonder of today; she was too distracted by all of Charlie's questions.
She had gotten sick the day before (which, according to Charlie, made her look like the living dead) and had made a quick recovery and was capable of going back to school today.
"So, you're not sick anymore?" Charlie prodded, looking at his friend's slightly flushed face worriedly.
And, despite her many assurances that she now felt fine, the brunet boy kept asking her if she was certain that she was okay.
"Yes, Charlie, I'm fine," she stated. The girl readjusted her backpack's strap as she looked back over at him. "My throat's only a little sore, but I'm still perfectly capable of coming to school."
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25 Days of Insanity: Day Seventeen
Day Seventeen: That Fateful Day
Today was a bad day. That much had been determined in the minds of the two teenage boys and the eight year old girl. That Thursday seemed to drag on with an odd slowness, one more stereotypical for a Monday, certainly not today. And yet, it somehow was.
It all began early that morning when everyone's school routine went out of whack. The main reason was because Charlie and Fred did not receive their usual knock on the door to get up, and Kaycee had not been pulled out of her bed and coaxed to get up by her older sister. Instead, the younger girl was awakened by her father and she had to wake up the boys. Once half of the morning's routine had gone by and there was still no sign of the brunette girl, the others were a bit surprised, if not worried.
"Dad, where's Nat?" Kaycee inquired while her father placed a few slices of bacon on her plate.
The man pointed at the closed door behind him and gave a slight roll of his eyes. "She's staying home today."
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25 Days of Insanity: Day Sixteen
Day Sixteen: Prankster
Wednesdays always seemed boring at Natalie and Kaycee's house. No one really knew why though, maybe it was because there was always homework or because everyone was aware that there were still two long, grueling days of the school week left. Either way, this Wednesday was no exception. It was around one thirty when Natalie's thoughts, which had been on her science homework, were interrupted by a knock on the door.
She glanced up at the door, her eyebrows raised a bit in surprise; not many people stopped by the house, especially not during the week. She moved her biology book onto the arm of the chair as another impatient knock came from the door.
"I'm coming, I'm coming," she mumbled, quickly rushing around the piece of furniture and heading to the door.
She opened the front door enough for her head to peer at the newcomer, and was surprised to see a familiar red head baring his teeth in a grin. "Hey, Nat."
"Xander?" Natalie opened the door wider, as she looked a
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25 Days of Insanity: Day Fifteen
Day Fifteen: Distraction
"Hey, Nat?"
The girl in question didn't look up from her paper instead giving a grunt and a small bob of the head to show that she was indeed listening to the person who spoke. Normally, at the voice the girl couldn't help but look up, but now was definitely not the time. She had a big test coming up and her English teacher was not lenient in anyway whatsoever so, for once, homework came first.
"Um…Natalie?" Charlie took a step into the room, his head tilted slightly as he looked at the girl hunched over her desk.
"Yeah, I heard you." She turned her chair a bit, though she kept her eyes on the paper, before asking, "What's up?"
"Well, Kaycee, Fred and I were gonna watch The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and we wanted to know if you wanna come watch too." He and the others knew how much she loved Christmas stuff. Kaycee had also informed the others that it was one of her sister's favorite movies.
"I'd like to, Charlie, but I've really gotta study for this test
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25 Days of Insanity: Day Fourteen
Day Fourteen: Paradox
Charlie's eyes were narrowed as he glared at the black monsters, striking them with his dream sword and twitching uncomfortably every time one struck him from behind. Why could they sink into the ground like that? They were such cheaters!
Charlie quickly turned around to destroy one that had slipped behind him. However, when he went in for the kill, another one of its comrades deeply scratched him. Charlie let out an annoyed groan before hanging his head.
"…Charlie, did you just die again?" Natalie asked leaning on the back of the chair and staring at the TV screen.
Charlie let out a sigh, giving a small nod. "Yeah…" The boy looked up, ignoring the continue screen that had appeared. "I don't know how you can play this; it's so hard!"
"It's not that hard, besides you're still in the dream sequence. This is, like, the easiest part of the game."
Charlie pouted, setting the controller on the arm of the chair, folding his arms. "Yeah, easiest part my f
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Secret. 12059 by DeviantArtSecret Secret. 12059 :icondeviantartsecret:DeviantArtSecret 4,015 0 Mama's proud by compoundbreadd Mama's proud :iconcompoundbreadd:compoundbreadd 1,023 121 KH: Hearts Connected by tenchufreak KH: Hearts Connected :icontenchufreak:tenchufreak 5,995 474 DC - He Mele no Lilo by ZOE-Productions DC - He Mele no Lilo :iconzoe-productions:ZOE-Productions 1,078 89 The Riku by sehroyal The Riku :iconsehroyal:sehroyal 61 7
Writing Better Character Description
Writing Better Character Description
by Michael Bjork
We writers have a particularly tough job: bringing nonexistent people (our characters) to life in our readers’ imaginations. While it’s never easy, we usually accomplish this magic by writing each character with two qualities in mind:
1) Their personality
2) Their physical appearance
Personality is usually expressed through characterization, and appearance through physical description. Admittedly, that doesn't sound so complicated.
But there are two things I’ll suggest today: first, that description needs to do more than just craft appearance, and second, it’s good characterization, more than anything, that’s the key to conjuring vivid characters.
Character Description:
Let’s take a look at the following example.
1) When I entered Mr. Smith's office, he stood from his desk and smiled. He had a big nose, brown eyes, and short, blond hair. He wore a dark suit. I shook his hand.
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5 Ways Characters Can Fail
EDIT: If you like this journal entry, check out The Sarcastic Guide to Writing ebook for exclusive content on world-building, character, and dialogue!
1. They don't have flaws. Flaws are the first thing that should be explored in character, at least after the first flashes of inspiration have passed and you start moving into more concrete turf. People say Mary Sues are defined by lack of flaws; the flip side insists that giving your character "issues" won't make a character any less of a Mary Sue. Now, my definition of a Mary Sue doesn't involve flaws or the lack thereof; a Mary Sue, to me, is defined by the disproportionate amount of attention given to a Sue by the plot and the priorities of other characters. So, yes, it possible for a Mary Sue to have legit flaws and still be a Mary Sue. However, the difference between "issues" and a character flaw is what role they play in the character's deve
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Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance by suzuran Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance :iconsuzuran:suzuran 2,671 305 It Works Either Way by KicsterAsh It Works Either Way :iconkicsterash:KicsterAsh 791 176 f r o n t i e r by moremindmel0dy f r o n t i e r :iconmoremindmel0dy:moremindmel0dy 3,930 216 Tune In part 2 by solfeggioninja Tune In part 2 :iconsolfeggioninja:solfeggioninja 1 8 Tune In part 1 by solfeggioninja Tune In part 1 :iconsolfeggioninja:solfeggioninja 1 3 What is this? by solfeggioninja What is this? :iconsolfeggioninja:solfeggioninja 2 2
I stood upon the cliffs and wondered,
When gazing at its rugged surface
Clothed in rocks, sharp and grey,
And strands of weeds, too stiff to sway
In the breeze blown from the waves,
What lay beneath this wretched land;
Beneath the dust, Earth's canopy;
Beneath each bent, corrupted tree.
I thought of all the caves below;
Of streams and brooks that flow depressed
Within these caverns, wide and deep,
Where starfish lie, and oysters sleep;
Where small green eels may slither 'round,
Creating foul and tainted action
Throughout the deep and weedy grasses,
Guardian of the huddled masses.
My thoughts wandered through the veins
Until upon the shimmering heart
Of the barren land above,
My thoughts arrived, and fell in love
With a calm and radiant pool
Enclosed in a grotto of cryptic black
With flashing stars all around,
On the walls and on the ground.
This cavern was radiant!
Like the universe collapsed
Into a single chamber,
Which shined of gems and amber.
Who could have known of this
Beauty sle
:iconsolfeggioninja:solfeggioninja 3 6
My Little Girls Night by solfeggioninja My Little Girls Night :iconsolfeggioninja:solfeggioninja 1 4 25 Days of Ponies by solfeggioninja 25 Days of Ponies :iconsolfeggioninja:solfeggioninja 1 4



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